Inver Hills United believes in positive leadership for our college.  We also stand united that effective leaders are positive folks that work collaboratively with others and never abuse their power.

Why So Many Bosses a
re Jerks

Here is an example of poor leadership at Inver Hills Community College:

Message to Faculty:

RE: 9/23/16 Meeting with Tim Wynes


As many of you know, the faculty executive committee met with President Wynes, Suzie Brusoe, and Scott Erickson on September 23rd  to discuss campus climate and morale.  This meeting was instigated by President Wynes after receiving the July 28 letter from the Chancellor encouraging both sides to work together toward a solution.

In the spirit of open and transparent communication with Inver Hills faculty we have included a link below to an audio recording of the meeting.  The recording is approximately 47 minutes long.

Our key takeaways from the meeting are:

1.  In this meeting we asked President Wynes 9 times for his ideas about how to improve morale and make the College a better place to work. He had no ideas or suggestions for moving forward other than telling us the faculty should work with him and stop blocking him.

2.  Administration wants credit for fixing their mistakes but does not take responsibility for creating the mistakes in the first place. Faculty should forget the past but he will not.

3.  According to Suzie Brusoe, “honesty is in the eye of the beholder.”

4. President Wynes said a local education leader stated that Inver “faculty don’t care about poor people.” President Wynes did not say how he responded to this patently absurd statement.

5.  President Wynes does not believe that recording meetings is open and honest communication.  He made no comment about administration moderating and monitoring faculty emails.

6.  According to President Wynes, the poor campus climate is David Riggs’ fault (Side note: in July 2015 Wynes blamed the poor campus climate on former administrators).

Audio of meeting


The IHSCFA Executive Committee

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